About Us

Elsa Qatar strives to be the doorway between the World and Qatar. Since our recent inception, we have quickly developed an interesting and diverse range of products and brands, to deliver to the Qatar market.
We are constantly scouring the planet to find the most innovative goods and services which can have a long lasting beneficial impact on the local Qatari infrastructure.
Building partnerships with the most experienced and reputable global leaders, we can guarantee the delivery of only world class tailored solutions and investment opportunities.
Being the initiator  and business strategist of choice, is the driving ethos behind our success.
We look forward to expanding our scope and range of capabilities in the long term and are always eyeing like - minded individuals , who share our vision for the future.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted supplier,to our valued customers;By offering them world-class products and services,at the most competitive price-levels;With the help of professionals--who are competent caring and confident individuals--

Our Mission

To trade at the global level and excellence, but the adoption of sound business practices.