Air Tents/Domes

An air dome is a space age structure for the new millennium. It is simply a breakthrough in building technology and cost reduction. At a time when national and international building costs are sky rocketing the air dome is the cost-effective solution. This is the choice of the millennium.

Wonderful! Sleek! Modern! Practical! Economical! Entertaining! Fun! All these powerful words describe the air dome/tent, but when you see it ... you'll find your own!
Running in sizes from 30' round, up to a staggering 300' wide, by any length you can imagine. You can even design one end narrow and the other end wide, turn corners, add new sections for length in the future, and even run tunnel walkways, to additional satellite rooms for restrooms, offices, etc.

The air dome/tent is designed as a state-of-the-art, modern, all-purpose, portable or permanent edifice. It is very easy to install and remove (about 1/2 day to 1 day depending upon size).

The actual inflation and deflation time runs approx. 1 to 3 hours. We offers the option of a custom-designed, tailored frame lobby tent that is connected to the main entrance doors. These are very appealing with windows, carpeting, commercial size plants and even soft music.
Then, there is a positive feeling of liberty and excitement when stepping through the nice revolving doors into the beautiful dome!

Air regulation and temperature control systems consist first of the large blower, (this is used primarily to inflate the structure) ,then an air pressure gauge, automatically and quietly kicking on the blower each time a door is opened and some air escapes, keeping the dome at a constant level.
Weather conditions won't matter inside the air dome. Simply add air conditioning and heating units outside and combine it with the blower, air ducking and the temperature control gauge inside. The easy cooling system of these structures makes the Middle East the fastest growing market in the world.

The wind stress from passing storms will not find a usual flat surface to beat against, but rather a curved surface allowing winds to pass over.
Think of the top 1/3 of a basketball being placed upon a table top. This is much the same contour of the air dome design.
We, at Elsa Qatar , cater to the tasteful needs of this market segment with professional zeal.