There is a growing demand from schools, universities, community groups, public and private companies for guidance on animal and pet welfare.

Pets are the loyal friends and affectionate companions of people, many great relationships are built person and pet. They can help reduce stress, improve emotional health and even promote faster healing. Caring for pets and animals is a very rewarding experience for children and adults alike.
Different pets have different grooming and lifestyle needs. To understand and develop your knowledge of the practices and processes is very time consuming, expensive and requires a lot of love and patience with the animal.

Good training can help you bond with your animal and develop the skills that are necessary to bring joy all around. For these reasons, the demand for animal welfare guidance is abundant.

Our volunteers act as a platform to connect with people for the exchange and sharing of info, networking and cooperating, with the sole objective of benefiting animals. The main theme behind the collaborations of this project is to deliver the message of compassion and animal welfare.
Elsa Qatar volunteers share their hands-on experience with animals, reply to queries, offer guidance and make suggestions on the pet's day-to-day care.

With an aim of developing the understanding of pet's needs, the volunteers initiate positive interactions between pet and owner in order to develop a mutually rewarding human-animal bond.

  • Volunteers visit schools and public/private events
  • They educate the public on how to handle and treat the animals
  • Pets are brought to events for demonstration purposes
  • Events will be held at convenient time, date and location
  • Volunteers lead and conduct the event
  • All precautions and handling of pets will be as per volunteer's instructions
  • All actions will be with mutual cooperation and respect to animals and humans