LED Lights

A  Light – emitting diode (LED) is a semi – conductor light source.

It  is  used  as  indicator  lamps  and  is  increasingly  used  for  other  lightings.

Various  usage  of  LED  lighting  in  modern  world,  can  be  seen  in  ---

1.    Indoor  illumination, Concealed  lighting;
2.    Hotels, restaurants, shopping  malls  etc;
3.    Garden, warehouse, park  etc.;
4.    Building  decoration, Bridge  decoration;
5.    Stage  light, Back  lighting, letter  lighting;
6.    Architectural   lighting;
7.    Advertising  signs,  graphic  pixel  screens  etc.;

ELSAQATAR brings  home  the  advantages  of  LED  lights  over  the  normal  lights

As follows ---

•    Lower  energy  consumption;
•    Longer  life time;
•    Improved  physical  robustness;
•    Smaller  size;
•    Faster  switching  and 
•    High luminous efficiency.

ELSAQATAR offers  the  quality  LED  lights,  at  your  door step, to  meet  your  aspirational  needs  in  business.