Infra-Red Video Camera

ELSAQATAR’S cleaning  and  maintenance  division  uses  one  of  the  sophisticated  tool , to  facilitate  building  maintenance .

It  is  Infra-red  video  camera, the  salient  features  of  which,  are  --

•    Easy  to  use  and  rugged;
•    Built-in laser  points  and  storage;
•    Enables  fast   easy  building  inspection,  with movable LCD display and auto hot-spot  trackers;
•    Detection  of  any  malfunction, leakage  or  breakage  and
•    Outstanding thermal image quality and temperature measurement performance.

The  distinct  advantages  of  this  ultra-modern  device  can  be  achieved   in  many  applications,  like ---

•    Building  inspection;
•    Flat  roof  survey;
•    Electrical  inspections;
•    Equipment  monitoring  and
•    Mechanical surveys.

ELSAQATAR is  committed  to  offer  the  best    and  comprehensive  range  of  services ,  this  way.