Water Projects


ELSAQATAR plans to bring fresh spring water for Qatar public, as a quality BRAND.

The proposed drinking water brand, to be introduced in Qatar initially and later, to other GCC countries, will be marketed to an up-scale, health-conscious public of Qatar, as premium water brand.

Unlike other brands locally available, who treats the municipal water and sell it in the market, our brand will source the pure stream water from underground, which is more cleaner and contains minerals, so essential for the human body.

It is a fact that the source of the water and process it goes through, determines the quality of water. This very foundation is the core, on which, our business concept stands.

We will create a brand name that is attractive and acceptable locally.

Our water will be aggressively marketed using print/digital media, off-line sales as well as traditional sales and marketing techniques, in retail, with effective distribution network.

Our water will be bottled locally, therefore, will be fresh and will have long shelf life, which will be attractive to local suppliers and end consumers.

The major bottle water in local market is produced from the desalinated water with some extra filtering and addition of some minerals.

Qataris, on a social level, are beginning to realize that unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, can have adverse impact on their lives.

And water is so valuable to the entire system of human body that it is wise to use only the best quality water.

And they will have an automatic willingness and immediate acceptance of best bottled purified mineral water, that is sparkling and contains natural minerals, even at a slightly higher price - range.

From the above, it is evident that there lies a gap of un-met need of quality water, which, our company ELSAQATAR plans to fill.